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Anhui: a Promising Land to Chase Dreams

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Driven by the double digit growth of high-tech industry in recent years, Anhui province has become a promising place for global talent to chase and realize their dreams.

"There is no secret in the rise of Anhui. Once the province is determined to do something, it will be committed to finishing the job no matter how long it takes," said Pan Yuan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

The rise of Anhui can best be represented by its captital, Hefei, a city of innovation.

Full of opportunities

"Hefei is a city full of opportunities," said Sarmad Ali, a young engineer from Pakistan. After graduating with a PhD from University of Science and Technology of China (USTC), he chose to stay in Hefei and work as a R&D engineer.

Explaining why he chose to stay in Hefei, Ali gave three reasons. "First, I got a CAS-TWAS scholarship. Second, my teacher at USTC advised me to stay here. Third, my job prospects look great. We are carrying out independent innovation in the field of Li-ion batteries for electric vehicles."

Like Ali, many other foreign experts in high-tech institutes and enterprises have given a high score for its sci-tech innovation speed and resources.

In the latest Nature Index-Global Science City 2020 rankings, Hefei ranked as one of the world's Top 20 Science Cities, providing abundant opportunities for global talent to build their dreams.

Making dreams come true

Thomas Weise, an expert of computational mathematics and a professor at Hefei University, has made his dream come true in Hefei.

"Don't go there. It may not help your academic career," Weise recalls his colleagues saying when he mentioned he planned to go to Hefei. But he didn't listen to their opinions.

After living and working in Hefei for 10 years, Weise is confident he made the right decision.

In his eyes, Hefei is an open and dynamic city with a great environment for research, and also an innovative city that flourishes in the fields of education, science, research, and high technology.

Institute of Advanced Technology, University of Science and Technology of China.

"I have witnessed the changes and development of this capital city happening at an unbelievable speed. It is really beyond my imagination," said Weise.

"The towering skyscrapers, bustling streets, modern airports and thriving entrepreneurship are attracting more and more attention from around the world," he said, noting more and more high-tech enterprises and foreign experts are choosing Hefei to chase their dreams.

"I hope they can seize the opportunities of Hefei and make this city more prosperous," said Weise.

Staying with Hefei

For expats, Hefei is their home and they share the good and bad times with this city.

When the COVID-19 pandemic broke out in 2020, Peggy Gorman Mitchel, the head of the Canadian International School of Hefei, was on vacation in Thailand.

She was closely monitoring the situation and immediately began organizing the faculty to launch online courses, so as to minimize the effects of pandemic on the students' studies.

At the most difficult time in the fight against COVID-19 in China, Mitchel decided to get back to Hefei.

Under her leadership and with the concerted efforts of the faculty, the school has ensured that no student is left behind, despite the pandemic.

Like Mitchel, Weise also chose to stay in Hefei during the pandemic. "Hardships and difficulties cannot stop the development of Hefei," said Weise. "China has done a great job in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.Fortunately, my family and I were here during that period." He emphasized that in China, governments at all levels have formulated strong prevention and control measures, and everyone has implemented these measures.

"No matter the pandemic or climate change, these are the common challenges faced by our generation. No countries can solve them on their own. The only path forward is to work together," said Weise.

(Source: Department of Science and Technology of Anhui Province, Science and Technology Bureau of Hefei City)


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