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New Guideline Issued for Evaluating Sci-tech Achievements

Source: Science and Technology Daily| 2021-08-19 09:18:48| Author: Chen Chunyou

Ministry of Science and Technology, the PRC (PHOTO: VCG)
By Chenchunyou

China will improve the evaluation system for sci-tech achievements, and accelerate the transformation of achievements into real productive forces, according to a guideline issued by the General Office of the State Council on August 2.

"The biggest highlight of the guideline is that it is based on the demand side and takes the evaluation of sci-tech achievements as the baton to stimulate the enthusiasm of scientific researchers," said Li Xiaoxuan, a researcher from the Institutes of Science and Development, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The introduction of the guideline will further promote the reform of sci-tech achievements evaluation, focusing on solving the issue of achievement evaluation orientation, that is, how to realize the reform and not pay too much attention to quantitative indicators, such as the number of published papers and the research projects undertaken.

Instead, due attention should be given to the effective contributions and quality of the papers, and the ability of researchers.

Facing the challenges of transforming the sci-tech achievements, the guideline proposed 10 hardcore measures, including improving the classified evaluation system of sci-tech achievements, resolutely solving the problem of excessive focus on published papers, professional titles, educational backgrounds and awards in the evaluation of sci-tech achievements, and improving the incentive and exemption mechanisms for evaluating sci-tech achievements.

The multiple values of sci-tech achievements should be evaluated based on different characteristics and evaluation purposes, according to the guideline.

Specifically, the scientific value focuses on the evaluation of innovative contributions in new discoveries, new principles and new methodology.

The technological value focuses on the evaluation of major technological inventions, highlighting the achievements in solving the problems of key generic technologies in industry and the difficulties of major technological innovation in enterprises, especially the achievements in key and core technologies.

The economic value focuses on the influences of prospects for popularization, expected benefits, and potential risks on the economic and industrial development.

The social value emphasizes the effectiveness in solving the major bottleneck problems, such as people's health, national defense and public security, and the ecological environment.

The cultural value underlines the impacts and contributions of advocating the spirit of scientists, creating a culture of innovation and promoting the core values of socialism.

The guideline also specifies that the reform of evaluating sci-tech achievements will be led by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST). The Ministry of Education, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the China Association for Science and Technology and other concerned departments should actively coordinate and cooperate in the reform.

Wang Zhigang, Minister of Science and Technology said that the reform of sci-tech achievements evaluation will be piloted in units and regions of different types in the next phase. The MOST will establish new evaluation concepts, methods and standards, explore simple and practical systems, norms and processes, solve the difficulties in reform implementation, and develop workable and replicable practices and promote them.

"We will be committed to establishing a correct evaluation orientation centered on the quality, performance, and contribution of sci-tech innovations, and improving the multiple classification evaluation systems to better stimulate the enthusiasm and creativity of sci- tech individuals," said Wang.

Editor:Chen Chunyou

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