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China Calls for Climate Action on UK Parliamentary Links Day

Source: the Chinese Embassy in the UK| 2021-07-08 14:13:04| Author: the Chinese Embassy in the UK

(PHOTO:the Chinese Embassy in the UK)

UK Parliamentary Links Day, with the theme of Science and Climate Change, took place virtually on June 22. Jiang Sunan, minister counsellor for science and technology affairs at the Chinese Embassy in the UK, was invited to deliver a speech.

At the general debate of the 75th session of the United Nations General Assembly, President Xi Jinping made the remarks that China aims to have CO2 emissions peak before 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality before 2060, which fully displayed China's determination to engage in global climate governance and promoting global emission reduction.

Jiang stressed that China is currently making an action plan for achieving the goal of having CO2 emissions peak before 2030 and will strictly control the increase of coal consumption. While developed countries took 50 to 60 years to go from a carbon peak to carbon neutrality, China will strive to reach the same goal within 30 years. This means that China needs to make the world's biggest cut in carbon emission intensity in the shortest time span in world history. It also means that there needs to be a broad and deep economic and social systemic change.

Jiang also emphasized that China has always committed to multilateralism, worked on the basis of international law, followed the principle of equality and justice, focused on effective actions, and achieved win-win cooperation with the international community.

The principle of common but differentiated responsibilities should be a global commitment. Full recognition should be given to developing countries' actions in combatting climate change and their particular difficulties and concerns.

China calls on developed countries to increase climate change ambition and action. At the same time, they need to make concrete efforts to help developing countries strengthen the capacity and resilience against climate change. China also hopes that at the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26), policies on green development, systemic governance, people-centered approach, multilateralism, and the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities will be released.

In addition, it is China's expectation for all parties attending COP26 to achieve the finalization of negotiations on the unresolved issues about the Paris Rulebook, providing an institutional basis for the full and effective implementation of the Paris Agreement.

China will host the 15th meeting of the Conference of the Parties (COP15) to the Convention on Biological Diversity this October and looks forward to working with all parties to enhance global governance on biodiversity. China and the UK can support each other in convening COP15 and COP26, which will contribute to the realization of the consensus that the international community should be more united in jointly coping with the global environment and climate challenges.


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