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WEEKLY REVIEW (August 12 - August 19)

Source: Science and Technology Daily| 2021-08-19 09:57:37| Author: TANG Zhexiao

First Global Carbon Data Set Acquired by TanSat

China's carbon dioxide monitoring satellite TanSat reported its first global carbon flux data set on August 15, marking China the third country worldwide to own the spatial quantitative technology of monitoring the global carbon balance.

Breakthrough of Beating the Standard Quantum Limit

A laboratory of University of Science and Technology of China has achieved magnetic measurement that beat the standard quantum limit at room temperature under ambient conditions with solid-state spins, according to Science Advances.

Smart-Car Makers Required to Emphasize Data Security

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has urged smart automobile enterprises to establish and improve vehicle-generated data security management, with paying attention to personal information and data protection.

Vaccination for Teenagers Speeds up

China is orderly propelling its vaccination program among minors aged between 12 and 17, in a bid to ensure that the new semester starts normally in early September.

Cold-resistance Fuxing Bullet Train Takes First Test

A Fuxing bullet train, which can withstand extremely cold areas with temperatures as low as -40℃, has completed a test run at China’s northeastern Mudanjiang Railway Station on August 15.

Editor:TANG Zhexiao

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Known for its beautiful scenery, long history, rich culture and famous figures, Anhui province has left a deep imprint on Chinese civilization.

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